Why Is the UAE Tipping Less?

When it comes to giving tips, UAE residents were not misers until a few months back. Several local surveys have revealed that the residents have a culture of handing out a tip to their favourite barber, car washer, delivery boys, and others. However, many people now think twice before deciding on how much tip they should give to service workers.

Two years back, a survey conducted by a Dubai-based online platform had revealed that almost half of the respondents used to tip “every time” or “most of the time.”

According to the survey, the quality of service matters, as more than 50 per cent of the respondents gave tips only when the staff did a good job, and the amount depends on how happy they are.

But the increase in prices of products and services because of the introduction of the Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE seems to be affecting this generous culture of tipping. Service workers now receive small or no tips at all from customers.

Whereas some customers might seem reluctant about tipping, according to service workers, others have completely abandoned the generous gesture of giving out tips for their good services. Some customers said they felt like they had already been charged highly for products or services as the little money they usually spent on tipping is now paid in taxes.

Sinani Ayub Waguma, 30, who works as a server at a major food-chain restaurant in Abu Dhabi, said that when he joined the restaurant five years ago, they used to get good tips.

“It’s our policy at the restaurant to treat our customers like kings by providing them with fantastic and first-class services so they come back again, and of course we waiters get good tips in return,” he said.




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