Wounds of duty

Almost a year ago I came in albania for different reasons, merely because some friends of mine had the knowledge and knew what I could do for this country. More than six months ago, I decided to talk about Skanderbeg, your national hero whose history you seem to have completely forgotten and above all his political sense of his personal battle for the unification of Balkan.

In fact Skanderbeg was prince but not Prince of Albania because Albania didn’t exist and at this time was Principality of Kastrioti. It is necessary to know that at this time the Empire of Europe was divided in principates, duchies and baronies, by an exception of the Republic of Venice which was allied to the pontifical States of the Vatican.

Skanderbeg, escaping from the Ottoman Empire made an allegiance with the Pope and Vatican to defend the Catholic and Apostolic Church against the Islam that he had seen growing in Europe.

His Slavic mother Princess Serbo-Croatian allow him to ally the Catholic and Orthodox Churches to the north when his father was converted to Orthodoxy to rally the churches of the south,  which gave to his son the possibility to be recognized by Vatican and to become Dominus Albaniae. That means he was signing Lord of Albania in official documents in Vatican, while the Vatican will give him the title Segnor Alexander as an honor to Alexander the Great. All this is an extremely compact summary that would take hours to explain.

What is important to know is that Vatican and Skanderbeg who was under the protection of Pope Eugene IV was given the duty to lead the new crusade against Islam.

Albania must be a federal state like Skanderbeg wanted, to recreate such regions as the cantons in Switzerland, lands in Germany or the states in the USA. My strongest wish is to develop the region of Libofsha which I would call in memory of Skanderbeg, Principality of Alexander. I would do it with the same system of Monaco, meaning a free zone.  That would bring large investors, and billionaires who may become resident of this Principality. It will evidentially be recognized from the United Nations and the European Committee, as a historical heritage and part of the history of mankind, to protect nature and animals in a non-profit struggle in the frame of European traditions, identity and culture.




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