2007 G8 in Great Britain When Vladimir Putin humiliated Nicolas Sarkozy

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2007 G8 in Great Britain When Vladimir Putin humiliated Nicolas Sarkozy

Barely came to power in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy is very critical in the media that he besieges daily, towards the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, on various subjects such as the assassination of an opposition journalist, cleaning the pockets of terrorism in Chechnya with hundreds of deaths, Nicolas Sarkozy imagines that from the height of his chair as President of tiny France with only 560,000 km², he can lecture the new Russian Tsar, at the head of a country of 17 million km².

During a one-on-one on the sidelines of the G8 summit in Great Britain in 2007, the nervous little boy went on the offensive, he decided to repeat to him what his interlocutor, a former KGB officer, great sportsman, first of the class unlike him already knows, he listens to him attentively without flinching then when the agitated little one stops talking, Vladimir Poutine lets a long silence pass which installs a malaise, in fact he is psychologically working his opponent as a great champion of judo that he is, then he asks with a certain disdain “it’s good you finished there”?

Nicolas Sarkozy who is surprised by this question stammers a “uh yes”, then Vladimir Poutine goes on the offensive in his turn gives him a lesson in geography on the small size of France in comparison with the big Russia, and tells him to a firm tone “one of two things, if you continue in this tone I will crush you, or else you stop, you have just become President of France, I can make you the master of Europe” , Nicolas Sarkozy is completely knocked out. The rest of the conversation will turn into total humiliation, and when Nicolas Sarkozy, not yet recovered, returns stuttering to the journalists, he is so shocked that some say to themselves that the meeting must have been washed down with vodka, which is impossible since he and Putin don’t drink alcohol.

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