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3D renders bring this New York digital design fair to life
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3D renders bring this New York digital design fair to life

Sight Unseen Offsite goes online with a digital showcase of 60 designers and brands – explore new products, head into 3D rendered booths and escape in interior still-lifes

Launching this week, Sight Unseen Offsite’s very first digital design fair, which the duo have christened Offsite Online, showcases a varied selection of 60 designers and brands bringing new furniture and objects to the web-based exhibition.

‘We considered postponing the fair until the fall, but there’s still so much uncertainty about when we’ll be able to resume something close to normal life. Even if we are allowed to gather in groups in September or October, will we want to? It’s impossible to say,’ explains Khemsurov.

Designs by B Zippy. Render: Charlotte Taylor and Victor Roussel

She continues, ‘rather than back away and hibernate for a year, we wanted to help facilitate a solution.

Sight Unseen Offsite’s first digital design fair

Designs by Christopher Norman. Render: Charlotte Taylor and Victor Roussel

3D render exhibition

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Several designers also created spatial renderings of their own choosing.

Despite organising a dynamic showcase, Khemsurov does not see a digital exhibition replacing a physical one anytime soon.

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