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A duty to fulfill

A duty to fulfill

Nothing is harder than to accept the responsibility for the future of a great nation. It requires not only courage, the readiness to risk all, bravery of soul and steadfastness of the heart, but above all the duty to serve the cause that has already started, with the fall of economy and the cowardice politics who are afraid  to go in front of the rebellious people.

No matter how high we may climb, whatever the burdens we may carry, each of us need at least one who is still above him, on whom we may rely, whom we may obey, because he leads and orders, because he takes the heaviest weight from us when it grows too great for us, who fills us with new strength when we lose courage, begin to doubt, or tire. He reminds us of the great lessons of our time, of our worldview, and gives us new life. Today we are called to fight for him and the great cause, which will bring the change, as unknown soldiers, students, workers, or farmers. We need only follow. His task is to show the way, through the truth. He stands alone, waging a titanic battle with fate for the life of our people.

There is no greater good fortune on earth than to serve a brilliant leader, to do his work. We believe, this time, that victory will fall to the side with the better leadership. May we do that each day. The difficulty of our day is also its greatness. We would change places with on one; a real leader.

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