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A new kind of love

A new kind of love

By Ana Limani (Life with Ana blog)

I am the one that has always written about love, in its most beautiful and painful form.

The one who talked about love without metaphors, but for the deep and real one. And it has been some time that everyone asks me why I don’t talk or write about him anymore. And today I really asked myself about this, why haven’t I written about you? It doesn’t matter what name we put to what we had, because naming has always been for the things easy to explain. And you, from the very first moment, you were a “I don’t even know why”. You were a proof that sometimes quieting the logic and thoughts, is the best choice you can make. I followed the heart or the instincts, or whatever it was that made me choose you.

“People are temporary and you shouldn’t be sad about that” I read somewhere soon after we left each other and actually, that was true. It doesn’t have to last an eternity to be valuable. And at the same time, it doesn’t have to end with broken doors and teared photographs. He may continue to be someone who makes your heart happy when you see him,but doesn’t shatter it when he leaves.

It takes a relationship like this to make you believe that people are afraid of the huge love of romantic movies. Because life is not a movie and ideals like this are always wrong. When you climb so high, you fall and you realize there’s no one to catch you. And then you make yourself believe that love is scary. No sweetheart, love isn’t. Scary are the peaks constructed without so much thought and a blind belief in future, when not even future is safe, nevertheless your love.

Therefore, I think it would be more beautiful from now on to talk about a new kind of love, that enjoys the moment without thinking what’s next. Love, or whatever that feeling is, that is there without conditioning its existence with its longevity.

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If you stay with one person for some time, just like that, naked…of complexes, fears, problems- believe me, it changes you and it gives your life amazing value.

Define love from the most honest smiles you give.

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