Aaron J. Nosbisch in an exclusive interview/ from Lucid to BRĒZ

Aaron J. Nosbisch is an entrepreneur, investor, and adventurer who has driven millions in revenue for his projects and clients, all while traveling the world.

Aaron has had a passion for entrepreneurship, marketing, growth, advertising, and eCommerce since launching his first brand, an online clothing line, at the age of 13.

Aaron, now 28, is CEO & Founder of Lucyd, the largest CBD/Hemp social advertising agency in the world, where his mission is to make a dent in human suffering by leading Conscious Compounds™ into mainstream culture.

Aaron J. Nosbisch: Are you ready to answer any questions or are you gonna hide your life?
Utopian Magazine: Let’s do this! No time to hide, only to grow and innovate! 

Tell Me About Yourself?

I’m Aaron – I’m a chronic entrepreneur on a journey to love humanity by reducing suffering and maximizing human potential through conscious compounds, which I define as therapeutic compounds that lead to a net-positive return.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Conscious innovation – innovation that changes people’s day-to-day lives and the collective at the same time. Whether ideas, tools, technologies, or compounds, what gets me excited is making the day-to-day human experience better.

What turns you off?
Greedy, sharky, competitive, zero-sum business – people who see the world as “for me to win, you must lose”

What is your favorite virtue?
Liberality – being open to new ideas, experiences, and people while being free from prejudice.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came up with the idea for your business, from MONQ to 1909 to Lucyd and now to BREZ?
I joined MONQ and led the marketing team as CMO from $0 to $15MM in annual revenue. After having a tough fall-out from that company, I co-founded a creator community / coworking space that understood entrepreneurship is a messy experiment deserving of encouragement from a like-minded community. This propelled me into my most successful venture to date, Lucyd, which quickly became the world’s largest cannabis social advertising agency and set the tone for my life mission of reducing human suffering and maximizing human potential. It became obvious as we served the industry that drinking cannabis and other conscious compounds such as adaptogens, mushrooms, and efficacious herbs was the future of both wellness and recreation – I feel a deep responsibility to usher that future into mainstream culture and that’s exactly what my partners and I are doing with BRĒZ and Lucyd.

What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered when starting your business, and how did you overcome them?
Mainly getting and keeping ads live on Meta, Google, and Twitter (X) – products like ours have challenging compliance requirements, which can be time-consuming and frustrating to adhere to. Finding and supporting the right people that see the vision and feel called to help us fulfill our mission is the most challenging and most fulfilling part of the business. 

Could you share some of the key milestones that you’re particularly proud of in your business journey?
Within Lucyd, it was finding compliant paths to advertise CBD/Hemp products – this ushered in a wave of opportunity for the hemp industry and for the team at Lucyd. For BRĒZ, moving quickly and precisely was the key – we had learned a lot through the CBD boom and were able to quickly navigate many of the challenges that slow brands down in this emerging space. Overall, in my business career, scaling MONQ quickly and effectively taught me so much about ecommerce, advertising, growth marketing, and navigating compliance – these were all cornerstones in building our future endeavors. 

What emerging trends do you see in your industry, and how do you think they will impact businesses in the coming years?
Functional, therapeutic, net-positive, and outcome-focused compounds are the fundamental future of the wellness industry and likely a significant part of the alcohol, cannabis, and pharmaceutical industry. We call these compounds Conscious Compounds™ and we are confident they will be key factors driving the next 10 years of this industry. 

What drives you personally as a business founder, and where do you draw your inspiration from?
Reducing human suffering and maximizing human potential in the name of love. To have limitless inspiration, motivation, and determination, you have to have a big purpose, and this is the one that I’ve decided myself and my team are most equipped to serve, so we’re giving our all toward that mission. Seeing people’s lives improve because of the work we’re doing is the most fulfilling and inspiring experience I’ve ever had. 

Tell Me About a Time You Failed?
After MONQ, I launched 3 brands somewhat haphazardly and with very little funding, which resulted in a lot of chaos in my life and in the lives of those I loved.

What did you learn from that experience?
I learned a lot, but especially that much of the chaos I generated in the pursuit of success could have been prevented by slowing down, zooming out, and ensuring I had the resources to succeed and that was in a place personally to succeed. 

Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?
Absolutely! The reduction of human suffering and maximizing human potential is the cause I know I was born to fight for – the biggest way my partners, team, and I are able to do this now is by disrupting the $250B alcohol market, which is and has been poisoning humans for generations. 

How has your business adapted to changes in technology and consumer preferences over the years?We’ve always been focused on direct-to-consumer (DTC) and online experiences – this world evolves every week so we do our best to be aware of the latest and greatest technological advancements so we can connect and serve our customers better and better. 

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
The bottleneck to your own success will be your personal evolution. Be the best version of yourself and evolve that as time goes on – while doing that, discover what you’re extremely passionate about and build what’s missing – this will lead to sustained business ventures that will magnetically draw you toward growth.

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