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Andrea Passon: In pursuing a goal without realizing that we have little time available

Andrea Passon Utopian Magazine

Andrea Passon is a photographer and artist based in Treviso, Italy. He uses photography to represent mysterious worlds, between reality and dream.

Where is utopia?
In pursuing a goal without realizing that we have little time available. Art is a purpose, living life for this purpose is a beautiful way of life.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Discovery, knowledge and research. They are fundamental aspects of art as of life.

Andrea Passon Utopian Magazine

What turns you off?
Hypocrisy and ignorance of people. Turn off the enthusiasm and the desire to create.

How much do the myths of history affect the life of the present?
Very very much. Without the past, the present does not exist and there can’t be a future. Everything we do is a remix of what we have seen and learned.

What is utopia made of?
It is made of dreams, of hope but above of design.

What do you think is the lowest depth of misery?
Misery is when we no longer have a choice and we no longer believe it.

What is your idea of ​​a human utopian land?
I don’t know, it’s good that there shouldn’t be a single model, everyone can interpret this concept in a thousand different ways.

Andrea Passon Utopian Magazine

Which defects do you feel most lenient to?
When enthusiasm becomes aggression, confusion and excess of empathy.

What is your favorite virtue?
Courage and determination

What is your utopian action?
Violating rules, questioning conformism, to create something new.

Andrea Passon Utopian Magazine

Credits for Interview:
Andrea Passon
Creative Director and Photographer from Italy, based in Treviso-Milan.
Web Site: www.andreapasson.it
Instagram: andrea_passon_photography

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