Rona Castrioti: I see music as a way to ‘paint time’ with the expressions of wordless emotion.


Rona Castrioti British Born Kosovar of Greek-Italian & Albanian descent. London, England. Resides between London, Kosovo and Budapest. Modern Classical & Film Score Composer. Storyteller. Known for her Versatility with Scores ranging from Jazz, to Electronica, Ambient and Classical. Personal works inspired by the Baroque, Romantic and Gothic era. Film score…

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UNDERWATER The Underwater collection is inspired by the creatures of the underwater world. The philosophy of this collection is the organic forms of the stones used, as well as the sculptural textures that mimic the unique imperfections of nature brought into a contemporary form. The biological metamorphosis of underwater nature…

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Daria Mironova: Beauty will safe the world

Daria Mironova is an aspiring photographer and content creator. Traveling is my passion, sport is my lifestyle. My goal is to give beauty and love to this world. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?  – I am turned on by life with all its adventures.  My work is…

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Gwendoline Galou is a candidate for the Laval 3 canton. Gwen was deputy mayor François Zocchetto, in charge of health, social and the elderly. She also applied twice for the departmental mandate. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?As far as I can remember, I’ve always been led by…

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June Burton: Never act like a princess

June Burton, French actress. Qu’est-ce qui te démotive?Je ne suis pas du genre à baisser les bras, mais je n’aime pas me sentir en concurrence, plus il y’en a, plus je perd confiance en moi, et dans ces moments là peux abandonner assez vite. Quel est votre but dans la…

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Svitlana Bevza Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2022

Svitlana Bevza has shown in New York for several seasons now, presenting minimalist pieces with trompe l’oeil flare. This time, the Kyiv-based designer used envelopes throughout the collection, alluding to love letters to the earth: they were seen as clutches and as buttons in the shape of a wax seal.…

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