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Besmire Thaqi, A woman warrior in her career battle

Besmire Thaqi

A women warrior never worries about his fear

Carlos Castaneda

All success stories begin with struggles. A lot of challenges to go through followed by many doubts. Initially insecurities follow as shadows. But as time goes by, you learn to manage and even turn them into your strong points.

As a woman with career goals, you fight prejudice to become successful. But have you ever wondered what is her weapon?

I have been working as a Software Engineer for a few years now. Firstly; I remember telling people that I want to study Computer Science in my hometown. It was mostly followed by: “Are you sure you want to do this? Do you think you will find a job? There are not many women in this field, and it requires lots of work to become successful.”

Nevertheless; I still chose to do it. Those years were full of effort and dedication on how to pursue a career. Many times I stayed up until sunrise to study and learn new skills because I felt challenged by the gender  gap. Not knowing something puts you in a difficult position. Should you ask for help? Will they think less of you not knowing this? Do we get paid less than men by the companies?

Instead of getting more worried, I learned how to be unbothered by such stereotypes. I focused on creating the mindset for high expectations and achievements only. I initiated small steps before the job hunting.  Doing small projects on the side or internships from time to time, helped me to gain some experience. The next steps were a little bigger. Actually, maybe quite big steps because I was ready to risk and change my lifestyle.

Amongst the job offers and rejections, I made decisions based on what scared me most. Like moving to different countries, living and managing everything on my own. It was never a garden with flowers to start from zero in every aspect of your life for a career. It was more like a dense forest that makes you look carefully around before you make a move. Why you might ask, to go through all that?

I always wanted to be outside of the comfort zone. When I see challenges, I see opportunities. Putting  myself into situations that make me think outside the box. Meeting new people, adjusting with different company cultures. Having responsibilities in my own lifestyle help me handle responsibilities at work wiser and better as well. sss

Nowadays, I remind myself where I was and where I am. It truly is an upgrade career-wise. There are parts of success you can cherish along the road until the main destination. But always having in mind that there is a long way to go for where I want to be.

I am truly inspired by all the stories I read about women chasing their dreams and achieving them no matter the circumstances. They are the real witnesses that successful careers can be pursued without missing on other things in life. What these stories have in common is moving forward and being  unbothered  by negative opinions.

To sum up and answer the question in the very beginning, her weapon is confidence. She decides what she wants and she goes for it. All the other obstacles are there just to make her stronger and more   powerful.

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