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Brigitte Lemercier, portrait of a woman of influence.

Brigitte Lemercier, portrait of a woman of influence.

The woman who crowns the kings of the CAC 40

It was the “profiler” Brigitte Lemercier who “found”, among others, the CEO of Renault and that of Engie.

PARIS, FRANCE. NOVEMBER 3, 2011. Brigitte Lemercier is the founder of NB Lemercier & Associes, a company specializing, the recruitment and the coaching of Board members. Photo: Antoine Doyen

Orson personally ensures strict compliance with the original screenplay and the related staging, which is perfectly honed. Which always take place in the same way: the candidate walks along the gates of the Jardin des Grands-Explorateurs – which adjoins that of Luxembourg -, stops in front of a mansion on the avenue de l’Observatoire, takes a long breath and presses on the intercom on “NB Lemercier”. After declining his identity, he enters a hall at the end of which a door has been ajar. He enters a closed black and white space, refined, with well …

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