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Flavie Bébéar, a touching designer and artist. Years after establishing her High Jewellery line, she launches her Art Gallery Lab in Paris Marché Dauphine, under the eponymous signature BY FLAVIE and diverts to transport us to her world with sincerity and emotion.

She also leads associative projects with the support from her family. She founded the Anaïs Dumanois Foundation in 2001, which contributes to the fight against sudden infant death syndrome.

A Family Environment Fosters Creativity

Flavie arrived in France at the age of four and a half. She was born in Korea and uttered her first words in her adopted language, French. She expressed her initial emotions through drawing, which enabled her to express herself recently through her creations.

Her parents’ dual education bolstered her enthusiasm for manual creation: femininity from her mother’s side, through cooking, tapestry, and cross-stitch, and masculinity from her father’s side through firearms and the art of shoe polishing. As a result of her parents’ encouragement, who shares the passion for the diversity of the world’s riches, Flavie developed a creative and manual universe.

Path of Enthusiasm and Creativity

After reaching adulthood, Flavie discovered that she lacked a sense: her sense of smell! The remaining four senses, such as sight and touch, then become increasingly important in her vocation and emotion: creating following her vision by expressing her personality and imagination through art and objects.

Following her studies at Penninghen, she began her professional career in design. She soon started pursuing her artistic endeavours with paintings, which she then transformed into derivative products that she sold exclusively on commission. Simultaneously, she continues to customise various objects brought back from her numerous travels, from its most beautiful to the most unique (such as fabrics and jewellery.).

An artistic universe and her works emerged from her various projects, with the constant goal of providing for all an emotional dimension, animating and inhabiting it.

Flavie, who is enthusiastic and thrilling regarding her artistic maturity, is now concentrating on her original project to create a collection of High Jewellery centred on underutilised precious stones: Luminescent Diamonds.

An International Footprint

High jewellery is a family passion she inherited from her mother, who instilled in her the culture of jewellery at a young age and from her father, who greeted her upon his return from travels with all kinds of stones unearthed in the four corners of the world.

She began creating her first jewellery pieces set with original stones with joy, which cultivated Flavie’s desire for creation and shaping.

In 2012, Flavie launched the brand BY FLAVIE and her first Fine Jewellery collection, Grappe, which she imagined and then designed to the rhythm of her emotion and her inspiration.

It wasn’t until 2021 that Flavie began to create paintings of large format. Right after that, she launched her art project in Paris Marché Dauphine, which is called BY FLAVIE GALLERY LABS. Many of the paintings currently on display in her gallery were created in 2020/2021 confinement at Cap-Ferret.

Cap-Ferret’s natural landscape fascinated Flavie, and naturally, it has become an excellent source of inspiration for her. This is the place she calls “office”.

Flavie experimented with different colours based on the progressive changes she observed of natural elements. She was dedicated to conveying what she saw and what she felt at that very moment to the audience through the use of colours. She recorded the colour change from sunrise to sunset and the surging progress in her paintings.

She records the nature, at the same time, she is writing down her own life experiences and memories. The bold use of colour is the most direct but also the most subtle way for her to deliver her emotions, history, and aesthetics to the audience.


friday-monday 10h-18h

Marché Dauphine, stand 144
132-140 Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen

Born and raised in Shanghai, living and working in Paris.
Stylist, editor, creative director and art project manager.

Academic background: English language and Literature, History of Western Art
Professional background: Art Curation, Fashion Design, Styling, Creative Marketing

Currently pursuing studies in cognitive psychology and the art of negotiation.