Charlotte Haulot: o not try to please everyone because that’s a lost battle in advance.

Charlotte Haulot: o not try to please everyone because that’s a lost battle in advance.

Charlotte Haulot is a french photograph based in paris. She works exclusively on film

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Creativity is what feeds me, spirituality is what accompanies me and emotions are what drives me. For me everything is linked, all the time, and this is what turns me on.

What turns you off?

My emotions, positive or negative. They always have an impact on my creativity.

What Is Your Purpose in Life?

To be fulfilled on a daily basis, by being faithful to my values. For me these are two fundamental things to live a happy life.

Are the roles of a Photographer a “duty”?

I think the most important thing when you are a photographer is empathy. You have to listen and be able to put yourself in the place of your model so that there is a good connection.

Being kind to the person you are photographing or yourself is very important to me, because the energy, is always « printed » in an image.

When did you decide to be a photographer and what defined your thinking at that precise moment?

I’ve been passionate about images since I was a teenager but I really started taking pictures when I was 24.

I bought myself a small film camera that I always kept with me, I took pictures of everything that inspired me, it was a lot of street photography and still life.

Today I like to work in the studio where I can create atmospheres with lights. I shoot a lot of portraits. All faces are unique and it’s fascinating.

What do you feel in the split second you decide to snap the photo?

My creative process is simple and instinctive, it’s something I feel in my stomach, all of a sudden everything lines up, and I know I have to take that shot.

That’s why I work exclusively on film. I also like the idea that something unexpected, an “accident” is captured and becomes the important thing in the photo.

The limited freedom of analog, devoid of technology, forces my gaze to focus on that magical moment that will make me press the button.

How the NFT will change the photography medium?

It is a promising technology for the certification of works in arts. For photography, it can be interesting as it may keep track of copyrights for instance.

Is there a point where you will stop taking photos and look for a new medium to communicate your ideas?

I think it’s possible that there are others fields I’ll explore, like video. As a film lover I would love to make a film but I would never stop taking pictures.

What advice would you give to a young photographer who follow Utopian?

Don’t try to fit into what’s hype right now, even if it’s hard today with social networks which homogenize visual art and which unconsciously put pressure on us. Above all, do not try to please everyone because that’s a lost battle in advance. Stay sincere in your creative process, listen to your instincts, trust yourself and people will feel the same when working with you and looking at your photos. The most important thing is to be happy with your work.