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ClearFlame Engine Technologies Named a “Next Big Thing in Tech” in Fast Company’s 2022 Awards

ClearFlame Engine Technologies

ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a company that takes the diesel fuel out of diesel engines, empowering rapid decarbonization for hard-to-electrify heavy-duty industries, today announced that it has been named to Fast Company‘s second annual Next Big Things in Tech list in the Transportation category, honoring technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries—from agriculture and environment to productivity and artificial intelligence.

This year, 83 technologies developed by established companies, startups, or research teams are highlighted for their cutting-edge advancements and potential to impact consumers, businesses, and society overall. While not all of the technological developments are available in the market yet, each one is reaching key milestones in order to have a proven impact in the next five years. Fast Company also recognized 41 honorable mentions.

ClearFlame’s innovative energy technology transforms heavy-duty diesel engines, allowing them to run on any 100% renewable, clean-burning liquid fuel while maintaining performance within industries that are among the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution such as long-haul trucking, agriculture, power generation, construction, and other nonroad diesel sectors. Moreover, ClearFlame’s technology is lower-cost, lower-emission, and quickly scalable: it can enable the largest decrease in fuel prices for heavy-duty industries, resulting in savings being passed on to consumers being hit by high fuel prices — all while helping clean the environment and protect jobs.  

BJ Johnson, ClearFlame co-founder and CEO, noted, “It’s incredibly gratifying for ClearFlame to receive this recognition as one of the “Next Big Things in Tech” from Fast Company. If we are serious about having an immediate impact on the fight against climate change, we need to highlight and support diverse solutions that are implementable soon and at scale — particularly for hard-to-decarbonize sectors. ‘Electrify everything’ cannot be the entire plan, and our planet does not have time to wait for solutions that are years away from application.”

Johnson continued, “Our company has been moving at lightning speed – each month hitting new key technical milestones and building partnerships that are keeping us on track for successful commercialization in 2023. This is only due to the dedication and hard work of ClearFlame’s engineers and staff – I hope they share with me great pride in seeing their efforts recognized today.”

“Technology breakthroughs and cutting-edge advancements promise to be the solution to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Fast Company is excited to highlight some of the organizations, of all sizes and industry backgrounds, whose technology advancements today will lead to a better tomorrow,” says Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company.

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