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Enxhi Cuku Utopian Magazine

Enxhi Cuku is an actress from Albania, and is known for her debut role in the blockbuster Albanian movie “Femrat” 2013.

She has played in the first Albanian horror movieBloodlands” 2017 and has starred in “The Internment” 2018, a forbidden love story in communism era in Albania. In 2019 Enxhi has participated in the short movie “Gjyshja” which has premiered already.

Are you ready to answer any questions or are you going to hide your life?
I don’t like to leave questions without answer, so I’ll answer without telling too much.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Love, butterflies in stomach, the feeling of being in peace. And a great movie.

What is your favorite virtue?
Minding my own business.

What do you think about Instagram?
Love and Hate, at the same time.

Virtual or reality?
I like to mix it.

What Is Your Purpose in Life?
To be happy.

Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?
Every cause for people’s rights.

You want to keep reinventing yourself?

Confess something which, if you reveal, would hurt someone?
I don’t want to do it. Peace Sign

What do you do for a living?
I’m an actress and Tv host, but my primary job is in PR. I have a degree in Public Relations.

Would you go to a nude beach?

What kind of underwear do you wear most?
Private question, private answer.

Tell Me About a Time You Failed?
If something doesn’t work or goes in the way I wanted, I don’t take it as fail.

What turns you off?
People without passions and goals.

Do you have any relationship at the moment?

How do you want your future husband to be like?
Beautiful mind, beautiful heart.

What are the situations that make you angry?
Oh, ignorance irritates me.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
Can’t tell.

For or against prostitution?
For it. No comment.

Are you happy today?

What does art mean to you?

If clothing can be art, has there been one piece of apparel that you have worn which was a transcendent masterwork?
Don’t laugh, but I have a secret love with socks.

When you look in the mirror, do you think you see what other people see?
I see all my being, not just physically.

Are you a feminist?
Yes, I stand for equality.

Does fame make it more difficult to find love?
I don’t think fame has to do with it. I think it depends on your choices, and I believe that fate plays a big role.

Your message for the utopian world?
Can it be true?

What do you hope to accomplish in life?
My goals, in career and personal life.

What can you say to your followers?
Don’t spend too much time in social media lol.

Enri Mato is an urban architect and photographer born in 1986 into a family of artists. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorer, who worked at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He grew up in Tirana, where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age.

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