Ethereal by Alexander Zaxarov

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Ethereal* is a lifelong and future-oriented NFT art project born at the intersection of the physical and the digital to immortalize the ethereal existence of our planet through digital photographs taken by Alexander Zaxarov.

In large-format black-and-white digital photographs, Alexander Zaxarov visualizes his version of the “ephemeral world”, juxtaposing non-human perspectives, monochrome aesthetic, and dystopian narrative to emphasize the ethereal aspect of terrestrial life.

“In an era of climate emergency, digital transformation, humanitarian crises, and space exploration the world seems more ethereal than ever before.”

Alexander Zaxarov explores human universe from various perspectives using aerial, portrait and macro photography to immortalize mistycal landscapes, ephemeral living organisms and human-made forms in a way that seems to be “out of this world”.

*ethereal, エセリアル – extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

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