Fashionable Stylings of Sabine Marcelis

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Sabine Marcelis Utopian Magazine

Resisting any deeper interpretation, despite the celestial forms evoking lunar eclipses and ethereal sunsets that appear in much of her work. Or the murky-coloured mirrors that might refract multiple reflections like a shadow in the corner of one’s eye. 

“I am just a total sucker for circles”

Sabine Marcelis

Where style and art collide, you’re likely to find the work of Sabine Marcelis. The artist has a client list that reads like a who’s who in the fashion, design, and creative world, and her pieces have caught the eyes of discerning clients who have found her work to be the epitome of style. 

Sabine Marcelis

Céline, Burberry, Isabel Marant, and Fendi are just a few of the names that have combined their  brand with her playful aesthetic. Whether it’s creating water sculptures for Fendi’s 2018 Design Miami collections or crafting an architectural wall of laminated glass, mirror, and aluminum for Repossi’s flagship store in Paris, her colorful artistry has captured the attention of those who appreciate the beauty in simplicity. 

Sabine Marcelis

Playing with shapes, color, and light, Sabine’s original works are candy-colored masterpieces that transform everyday material into works of art. Her designs hold a strong aesthetic and are recognizable through the pure forms which highlight the material properties of her designs. Her SOAP series is a collection of resin pieces formed into pastel-shaded furniture made with the most simplistic of shapes. Here you’ll find salmon pink columns that double as seats, minimalistic tables in an unexpected ice lavender, and planters that mirror the same aesthetic. Her Candy Cubes, a collection of brightly-colored resin cubes, were used by Givenchy to display their latest line of bags, the EDEN, in an ad campaign which launched late last year.