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There has been a long time in Albania that governments follow each other without bringing any solution. The policy principle is to make many promises that it is unable to sustain, as they really have no opportunity to find sustainable solutions. This is because they can not cooperate with the advisers of countries that run the world, without mentioning the world of finance.

I would make you a metaphor: it’s like a blind man who enters a museum to discover the paintings of Pikaso’s different ages or worse like a rabid dog entering a porcelain and crystal shop.

The proposals you bring to the table can be voted on in a referendum but it should not be forgotten that the pressure of time is too great for three reasons.

The first reason is that we are faced with a unprecedented world economic crisis, stronger than the one in 1929 which will destroy everything because everyone lives on credit and that the money you keep under your mattresses will have no value after currency devaluation. In fact, after 1945, the monetary values ​​and the economy are no longer based on gold but on oil: the US dollar and the structure of the country’s debts set by the World Bank and the IMF in relation to natural resources, GDP, Debt / Credits, market volatility, options, assets and of course employment.

The second reason is the fact that I am ill and have been born with a double genetic disease and today there is nothing to gain in this life except to close my life in a concrete success that will allow me to start quiet and at peace with myself.

The third reason is because of what I am doing for this earth and for my predecessors who have shed their blood for the truth, light, and spirituality that are more important than my personal life and that nothing is more important than the divine that illuminates the way I follow through orders, beliefs, and symbols that have always been the same for centuries.

I am for the entire universe a sandy particle. From the dust we come to the dust we will go back and only this war knowing that we are nothing has ever convinced me that I have to fight to change something in this world.

I was born during the cold war when we were divided in Europe, of course for today’s youth this will not say anything and freedom to which I have fought the lost body, putting life many times in jeopardy, taking over the glimmer of freedom like Wintry Wax over the Berlin Wall that day when we were all set to become one.

Those moments have been very painful for being surrounded by terrorism and assassination, but the world has forgotten what we have lived and today the time has come to live in a shoe off and people invent a fake and vulgar life imprisoned in social networks and the media rejecting all the revolutions that have been made, that of May ’68 or the punk movement, the new wave because thanks to us, today you are free, free to wear what you want, talk, travel and live as you want . As your grandparents have told you that during communism it was impossible to listen to the music they wanted on radio and they were deprived of any information that was outside the dogma of dictatorship

The punk movement went to the end screaming “No future” for the company of consumerism, when today you throw a lost body on it, thinking foolishly that the solution is a fake Louis Vuitton sachet and you only live through the images that we have denounced by extorting the freedom to give you.

And today I cry to my friends who have died and remembered that they had done something to change the world and that the world would change as a result and that all together with joy and blast of happiness can regain each other to embrace forgetting pains and we were glad we were alive.

Today I cry for that sea turtle who died before me in Libofsha and could not do anything for her to save it, cry for those animals slaughtered every day that you have the sushi plate before, for a day’s vanishing nature day for personal interests without anyone moving against it.

Today I am ready to give my life to this territory and to give all my contacts to the Prime Minister and President together we can cooperate in chord can find all the solutions since Napoleon said “Impossible” is not a French word.

I am at the disposal of the Prime Minister and Mr. President, their own teams and also the parliamentarians to work day and night to win, and for this I swear before Odin.

Long live the free Albania

Long live the Albanian people

You have made me the most beautiful gift, give me the taste of life and continue to fight for a cause until death takes me.

As Che Guevara said

“Forever in Victory”

Hasta la Victoria siempre