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Gentë Retkoceri a multidisciplinary artist from Kosova to Qatar

Gentë Retkoceri is a multidisciplinary artist from Kosova. She was a former Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Communication, Northwestern University in Qatar. She obtained her MFA in Design from VCUarts in Qatar. Through her work she has merged live performance and film with designs that tackle controversial topics mostly about women’s rights. Through performing arts, she has developed educational design ideas and workshops for children and adults in Qatar. She has a BA in Architecture and Acting from the University of Prishtina and an MA in Theater Education from Emerson College in Boston, US. She is an experienced actor in a theater and film counting more than 20 main roles over her 10-year career. Her wide-ranging career has taken her from working in Kosovo at the University of Prishtina, the National Theater to the USA working for the Emerson Stage in Boston. Currently, she is also conducting different acting and performance courses at the Al Jazeera Training institute in Doha.
She conducted two theater workshops during the D’reesha Performing Arts Festival which was inaugurated for the first time on December 2021 by Qatar Foundation.

Utopian Magazine: Are you ready to answer any questions or are you gonna hide your life?
 Gentë: I am always eager to engage with questions that hold relevance, as they have the potential to spark rumination, provoke critical thinking, or kindle awareness.
Whether I’m providing answers, or you – the reader, are absorbing them, I view these inquiries as opportunities to ignite analytical contemplation, fostering a deeper understanding and connection
with me and my journey in this life.
So no, I don’t hide, but saying that I do keep certain aspects of my life private.

Utopian Magazine: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Gentë: Creatively – I thrive in the company of fellow creatives, immersing myself in discussions about our imaginative journeys. 
Spiritually – I’m profoundly moved by the raw beauty of nature, the majesty of mountains, and the rich tapestry of cultures across different countries. Traveling, for me, is a soul-nurturing experience that feeds my spiritual curiosity.
Emotionally – My heart finds solace in the embrace of family and true friends, those whose honesty and care illuminate my world. Authenticity is a cornerstone of my being, and I cherish the opportunity to bring my genuine self to the realms of creativity, spirituality, and emotion.

Utopian Magazine: What turns you off?
Gentë: Dishonesty!

Utopian Magazine: Virtual or reality? 
Gentë: Indeed, it’s a twofold marvel. The evolution of life in the tangible realm has paved the way for the inception of a virtual reality, poised to seamlessly integrate into our daily lives in the foreseeable future. Often, I find myself pondering over the notion of perceiving both myself and my surroundings through the lens of this virtual dimension!

Utopian Magazine: What do you do for a living? 
Gentë: I wear many hats — an artist, a teacher, a designer, an entrepreneur, and an actor. Balancing these roles is a dance I relish, constantly uncovering new dimensions of my abilities and talents, even those that catch me by surprise.
Depending on the fuel I feed my passions, I metamorphose into the corresponding professional. Presently, I proudly stand as the founder and operator of Tiactro, a pioneering startup in Qatar.
Tiactro serves as an online platform, a marketplace for the exchange of culture and art, where performing artists converge to share their knowledge and skills.
Simultaneously, I revel in the realm of freelancing, both as an artist and a dedicated teaching artist.
This dual venture allows me to fuse the creative essence of my work like acting and performance with the gratifying art of education and teaching. 

*Tell Me About a Time You Failed?
Gentë: I fail constantly. Some mornings, I fail to make that perfect cup of coffee. There are moments when I stumble in my roles as a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister, or a friend. For me, failure isn’t a monumental issue. It’s a chance to learn and grow, to emerge even better than before.

Utopian Magazine: Why Do You Want This Job?
Gentë: As the visionary founder of Tiactro, my mission is to forge pathways for performing artists worldwide. It all began with my own teaching initiatives in Qatar, and the pandemic catalyzed a surge of digital and tech innovations from creatives. Today, and in the imminent future, I eagerly anticipate Tiactro becoming a beacon of inspiration for performing artists across the globe. What could be more profound than discovering your artistic tribe right on your device, regardless of the thousands of miles that may separate you physically?

Utopian Magazine: Tell Me About Yourself?
Gentë: I would gladly say that a solid 80% of my being is defined by an unwavering passion for acting. The thrill of stepping onto a stage or in front of a camera runs deep through my veins, even though these two disciplines are distinct in their own right. I’ll never forget the words of someone who watched one of my theater performances when they remarked, ‘You seemed as though you were born on that wooden stage, so free and effortlessly natural.’ That sentiment encapsulates the sheer joy I experience when immersed in the world of theater.
While my heart longs to dedicate more time to my acting career, for now, I’m happy to engage in multiple disciplines. I am an entrepreneur and the founder of a promising startup, as well as a devoted mother to two wonderful kids and a loving wife to an exceptional husband. I hold onto the belief that in the not-so-distant future, I’ll discover the means to fully commit to my acting journey, gracing both film and theater stages with my presence once more.

Utopian Magazine: Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one? 
Women’s rights, always. 

Utopian Magazine: Are you happy today? 
I am very happy today, and at this moment as I am answering these lovely questions, I feel wonderful on my apartment having a black tea with milk in the heart of Doha, The Pearl – Qatar. 

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