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Gwendoline Galou is a candidate for the Laval 3 canton. Gwen was deputy mayor François Zocchetto, in charge of health, social and the elderly. She also applied twice for the departmental mandate.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
As far as I can remember, I’ve always been led by my emotions.

What turns you off?
The lie

What is your favorite virtue?

What Is Your Purpose in Life?
Be totally free

Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?
Health and instruction (education): the only ways to save all the people

You want to keep reinventing yourself?
Not necessary… or just to adapt myself.

What is an emotion?
Emotion is life.

Is society greater than the individual?
An African proverb says: « if you want to go fast, walk alone. But if you want to go far, walk together… »

How can you prove that anything exists outside your own mind? 
I often observe Nature, touch trees, animals, stones…. not across my computer.

Have we become less happy in this age of technology?
Never less happy, but I think that technology separates humans

Are humans obligated to better themselves and will that make them happier? 
I don’t agree with this concept, this diktat! Now we are obliged to be perfect and happy!! And if we try to be ourselves (with all our emotions, happiness or sadness) before changing!

Does life require a purpose and a goal?

Yes and no… try to live in present… The future is stressing for lots of people.

What is happiness?
A moment when everything slips on you…

Does evil come from within, and if so why?
I don’t know but I think it’s often because of your environment, in reaction to the actions of other humans.

Why is beauty associated with morality?
Beauty/morality… beauty is subjective but morality is a way of life …. don’t we say, « la beauté du diable »!

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world andless in the real world
In virtual world, you can be perfect, transform your appearance and seem to be clever, etc. In reality, you can’t cheat with your appearance, you can’t lie with your intelligence

Is humanity doomed to head in a destructive direction?
I prefer being optimist but we must change some things… try to be considerate of other humans and less selfish

Your message for the utopian world?
Carpe diem

Enri Mato is an urban architect and photographer born in 1986 into a family of artists. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorer, who worked at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He grew up in Tirana, where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age.

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