Alexander Basseville: History behind lies

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History behind lies utopian magazine

Historical examples correspond in every detail to our people’s present fateful war against a world of enemies. We have the opportunities today to read our history through internet, unfortunately with all the lies people lost their path.

Historical examples, however, provide lessons for today. Both as a people and a leadership, we can and must learn from them in both good and bad times. In any event, we can always read for the 1st Duke of Albany, Robert Stewarta Scottish leader, same family which later on will follow the family lines of British monarchs. Of course, the target and cause was the creation and unification of Regnum Albany created by Charles I of Anjou, same cause we are fighting of in this difficult time when everything is falling apart.

Is very difficult to see through blood and tear covered face by this wild lies and crazy politics, but that is no proof that it does not exist. We have a history, which bring us in front of a choice today. Each must decide for himself, but we must also decide in our entirety as a people. Our brave fathers are watching us. They have the right to demand of us that we do not need to be ashamed before them. They made the same sacrifice for the nation that we must make today. They expect of us that we display the same calm bravery of heart that they displayed.

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