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I Am I, Art is always political

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I Am I Utopian Magazine

I Am I (artistic name) is a political artist from Kosovo. He represents “The Art of Protest”, “Artivism”, “ProARTest” and “Political Art” in Kosovo. Recently, he has founded “Institute of Artivism in Kosovo”.

During 2019 – 2020, he realized a large number of artistic protests, conceptualized as artistic activism, which display criticism and artistic revolt towards harmful political events and developments in the country, while being one of the toughest opponent of government(s), objecting their harmful and unjust decisions through his art.

 Through his artistic performances, I Am I promotes critical thinking in the society and advocates for freedom of expression.

With his political art, I Am I has had a great impact in raising awareness of the society, stimulating critical thinking, advocating for an active society in the socio-political matters and involvement in political discussions, encouraging social reaction towards political injustices and discriminatory social phenomena in Kosovo.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Conceptually, the need to create and the necessity to express my revolt through art, which, in principle is an artistic duty to respond and a civic obligation to protest against the harmful political processes. In essence, this is the responsibility of a political artist and also of the citizen as a political being.

Albert Camus would say this is the creative paradox in the contradictive creativity that challenges the socio-political status quo.

I am I

What turns you off?
I would say, “what turns me off is that what turns me on”!

This may sound paradoxical as the creation itself and it may look a contradiction like the creativity but I consider myself different from the conventional artists (who I call mediocre and kitsch artists) who need the “creative muse” as a necessary inspiration to express themselves.

For instance, in this answer I wouldn’t even guess what Marcel Duchamp would say.  

What is your favorite virtue?
The revolutionary mind and the heretical approach, a heretical thinker and a revolutionary mind.
This is not a bluff.

Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?
As a Chomsky reader, I am often labeled as an anarchist, but in fact, I am an idealist as Foucault and I will remain such and fighting for democracy throughout my life and career; democracy not only as a governing order, but as a social value.

You want to keep reinventing yourself?

With each of my creations, I reinvent myself in “I Am I”

Your message for the utopian world?

BE A REAVOLUTIONARY! (this interview will be used as a reference in the biography or documentary that in the future will be written or conducted for “I Am I”).