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Ibexmuseum St. Leonhard by Atelier Köberl

Austrian Alps, Atelier Köberl

In a narrow valley in the Austrian AlpsAtelier Köberl has designed a small museum to tell the story of the extermination and the process of reintroduction of the ibex in this region.

The indoor exhibition is completed with an outdoor enclosure for seven ibexes. Upon a wooded mountainside, you see a reddish building, somehow appearing like a small castle. It is the Ibexmuseum St.Leonhard. Right next to one of the oldest farmhouses of the valley, with nearly the same footprint of the old barn which was standing there, a towerlike building has been constructed in precast concrete, where the lower parts are quoting the wooden surface of the barn.

A striking red steel bridge connects the third floor of the tower with the slope aside, on which you reach the enclosure of the ibex. A clear tower-like building representing a landmark has its reason in the site, which is visible from the small village below. Its compactness, the position, and the concrete façade with a formwork of rough wooden boards could be seen as a memory of the old barn.

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