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In the ability of people to create their personal idealization

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Interview with the photographer Kate Santorski

Where is utopia?  In the ability of people to create their personal idealization.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
What awakens my creativity, usually are the feelings during life experiences and I try to capture them. Music and watching is what inspires me to create or find a way to translate my target, I try to take photos that can awaken interest, show a story or even a feeling.

What turns you off?
It demotivates me not to fulfill the expectation that I have about the idea that i want to capture.

How Much Do the Myths of History Impact on the Lives of the Present?
Capture my concept or idea about the aesthetic vision, trying to give it my own style, I get inspired from Renaissance and Gothic art.

What is utopia made of?
Utopia is the concept that each person has of perfection, or think up and interpret according to their ideals and perspective.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
I think that is the fear that we might feel when we have new opportunities to make something different, if we don’t try and develop our capabilities, we may feel miserable or in disgrace.

What is your idea of earthly utopian human?
I think all the people manifest according their bad experiences, and that’s when one person, or a group of persons, encourages their ideation of what it would be ideal or perfect. For example, catholic people have their ideal of how should be all the things, and from that point it develops the social stigma of what is correct and what is incorrect.

To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
Most of them, as long as the person accept that it was wrong.

What is your favorite virtue?
My favorite virtue is that I’m always trying to improve myself, I don’t like going to the easy way, I really like to challenge myself to try new stuff and learn from my mistakes.

What is your Utopian action?
Capturing my concepts in a different way of what is commonly seen.

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