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Kaltrinè Gjyrevci interview for Utopian Magazine

Kaltrinè Gjyrevci interview for Utopian Magazine

Enri Mato: What sparked your interest in fashion?
I had an interest in fashion as a child, I always wanted something special a special outfit for myself then I continued to be more interested in fashion every day. I had a special interest and no one changed my liking for studying fashion. Even why do I think it is more talent to be born I am in love with fashion with design in general in Albanians we say differently. I have eyes and taste every thought of mine related to. 

Enri Mato: What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?
Differently I have eyes and taste every thought of mine related to fashion. I want to do something different and I will do. What make me take fashion more seriously style that I was always distinguished as a look as a style. What I thought and dreamed to do was done by world famous designers. I got even more love for fashion I saw that I was one step ahead with the ideas. I believe very much I my taste and I believe that in the near future will bring a different spirit to the Albanian and international market.

Enri Mato: Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design?
I studied fashion, I completed three years of bachelor’s degree in fashion design and I plan to continue my master’s degree in design, but interior design.

Enri Mato: From where are you getting your inspiration?
I am never inspired by another designer, whether world-famous or the simplest, I am inspired by nature, from animal skin, bird skin their shapes, it is enough to study and make combinations, I am inspired by the traditions of different countries, from holidays to colors festive funerals and many things that impress me whether shape or color. I love shaped dresses with cuts with color combination. As you see I am inspired by everything that surrounds me even a slight or simple movement.

Enri Mato: How do you describe your work?
Is the love for me my work is all that I dream and love every inspiration and dream that I will continue with a lot of confidence at least I believe what you believe will happen it will definitely happen I believe in myself whit all my heart.

Enri Mato: What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?
At the moment what fascinates me are the men’s clothing exactly suit I am in love with them. I like to return men’s clothing to women’s clothing.

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Enri Mato: What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started working in the fashion industry?
I have learned that I should never give up despite the demands or dissatisfaction of clients not everyone should understand your world or your style. I think your style or ideas should not be changed just because of a dissatisfaction or dislike of your style exactly scheme born to be liked by all.

Enri Mato: What are your future plans in Prishtina?
I have many plans I want our country to be known even for very good designers as it is known with world famous singer like Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha and many others that make us proud. I want our country to be known even for very famous designers good and creative. I wish this to all my colleagues.

Enri Mato: How you see the idea of Utopian Magazine founder to create the cultural bridge between Kosovo and Albania?
We are all Albanians and we must support each other, we all speak Albanian. We have fought hard for our country we are a state. Every day we showing the world that maybe we are a small but with heart and ambition. We have enough strength to give to each other we are a special traditions and culture. We are one and for each other always

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