Katya Kitana: Stay yourself!

Katya Kitana: Stay yourself!

Katya Kitana is a Fashion & Beauty Photographer currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Describe yourself in three words…

 I love myself ))

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

 Honest, beautiful and talented people.

What turns you off?


What is your favorite virtue?

 Tolerance and ability to listen.

What Is Your Purpose in Life?

To be happy every moment.

Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?

 Freedom. Already did that and going to do in future.

Why Are You Interested in This Role?

 Cause I can’t live without it.

Are the roles of a Photographer a “duty”?

 For me it’s more pleasure, then duty”

When did you decide to be a photographer and what defined your thinking at that precise moment?

 At seventeen. It was by chance. I just found parents camera, and started take photos of my friends.
Then I understood that I am rather good at it.

What do you feel in the split second you decide to snap the photo? 

 I don’t really “think” at the moment. After so many years of practice my brain is working without my awareness.
It is looking for right composition and light by itself.

If you were curating an exhibition, which artists would you select?

  Olafur Eliasson, Picasso, Kandinsky

Do you think the fashion industry is more or less cynical than when you started working?

 The same. Most of it is all about money.

How you get a picture from your imagination on paper/screen?

 Depends. Sometimes I use moodboards, sometimes – draw sketch of color, composition, etc., sometimes it is improvisation.

How the NFT will change the photography medium?

 ⁃Not sure about it really. Just watching for now.

Is there a point where you will stop taking photos and look for a new medium to communicate your ideas?

 ⁃ Maybe videos.

What advice would you give to a young photographer who follow Utopian?

 Stay yourself. Make it how you feel. Don’t be a sponge of others ideas.