Kita Rustemi: Degradation, destruction have always been and will always be the first solution, the construction of everything is a daily war and not for everyone

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Kita Rustemi
(C) Kita Rustemi

Kita Rustemi is a Freelancer Assistant, Production, and Cinematography Photography.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Everything unimportant to humanity, but the essence of humanity.

(C) Kita Rustemi

What turns you off?
The fact of being the only person who can not live in the midst of slander.

What is your favorite virtue?
To be real, everything that is created in this world is created to be lived, accepted, and said is part of being a real person.

(C) Kita Rustemi

What Is Your Purpose in Life?
Do not let my talent die.

Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?
I’m not ready yet.

You want to keep reinventing yourself?
If you do not want to invent yourself, this is called death.

What is an emotion?
Release of suppressed or formatted neurons or hormones.

(C) Kita Rustemi

Is society greater than the individual?
It is an interaction, no matter how narrow but also differentiating, in essence both have each other.

How can you prove that anything exists outside your own mind?
Something the mother has not experienced skin, is out of my mind.

Is it more important to be respected or liked?
Consent is sensible respect thought. So respected.

(C) Kita Rustemi

Have we become less happy in this age of technology?
We have become more accessible, framed and robotic.

Are humans obligated to better themselves and will that make them happier?
No one is forced to do anything insensitive.

What is happiness?
Everything that is healthy is called happiness.

Is it easier to love or to be loved?
Each side of the coin has its own medal, to love or be loved is like wanting to drink water or spit water.

Is love simply physical desire or something more?
For people who have chosen to be primitive it is simply physical, for those emancipated it is beyond tangible.

Does evil come from within, and if so why?
The greatest evil comes from within us because the unconscious sometimes becomes self-aware.

Why is beauty associated with morality?
Because everything beautiful is related to the intangible idealization and then to appreciation.

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world and less in the real world?
Yes, we want as we are asked not as we want everyone who is a different shape.

Is humanity doomed to head in a destructive direction?
Humanity works only for its own degradation as it is essentially inhuman.

Your message for the utopian world?
My message to the utopian world is: degradation, destruction have always been and will always be the first solution, the construction of everything is a daily war and not for everyone.

(C) Kita Rustemi

Enri Mato is an urban architect and photographer born in 1986 into a family of artists. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorer, who worked at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He grew up in Tirana, where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age.

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