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Leonora Basha

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Leonora Basha Utopian Magazine

Leonora Basha, a fashion designer from Ulcinj, Montenegro.

I completed my studies in Kosovo and graduated from the Academy of Arts “Evolution” in Prishtina 2017. Currently I am attending graduate school at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, working to complete my master’s degree in textile engineering. 

I’ve worked as an assistant designer in Kosovo and Montenegro for several local fashion brands. And I’ve also taught courses focused on patterns and sewing in Montenegro. 

Leonora Basha

My first collection “Monument” was released in 2017. That winter I was selected as one of 30 young designers in the Balkans, to showcase my first collection in BAFE (Balkan Fashion Art Event), a prestigious event for young designers that takes place in Belgrade.


Leonora Basha

In 2019 I decided to start my own sustainable clothing brand “Lenoré,” based in Montenegro. I want my clothing to make women feel elegant, sharp, but also comfortable, while rebelling against the social constructs they endure on a daily basis. 

Enri Mato is an urban architect and photographer born in 1986 into a family of artists. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorer, who worked at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He grew up in Tirana, where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age.

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