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Liliia Karpiak, WBA Cannes

Liliia Karpiak, WBA Cannes

Are you ready to answer any questions or you gonna hide your life?
I’m happy to be open enough as far as this does not touch my privacy.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
My environment and inspiring people around me. I will let only people with good and positive vibes to get into my world. Spending some time with animals and nature help me to get inspiration and motivation to create and plan my further steps. Also the family time is my greatest recharge. Also I like the feeling to be financilally independant and that help me a lot in all my beginnings and projects.

What turns you off?
Jealousy, greediness, fake friends, pessimistic and mentally weak people, dependence, manipulation, bad smell.

What is your favorite virtue?
Most of the people who know me say that I have a big heart and I think this is where all good things coming from, let’s find peace and happiness inside to spread it across the world.

What do you think about instagram?
I like the way it all started with no monitising aim, it was about to get closer to each other, share your daily pictures and routine. Gradually it moved to showing off platform and created an image of “someone’s perfect life” but it’s the gretaest illusion of all centuries.

Obviously, nowadays this is the greatest chance to get connected with the right network of people, to find new opportunies and to tell your story.

Virtual or reality?
Reality with a touch of virtual.

Confess something which, if you reveal would hurt someone?
I like to treat people the way I like to be treated so I believe I do not hurt people but I can be demanding sometimes to my close circle of family and friends since I should accept them more the way they are. I really love helping people becoming better but at the same time it can be only my perfectionist perspective and in reality they do not need this themselves.

What do you do for a living?
I’m a business minded person and love to do a couple of things at the same time. Currently I work in pharmaceutical industry, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Would you go to a nude beach?

Only with my husband if that’s a desert island.

What kind of underwear do u wear most?
I love La Perla, Intimissimi and VS brands.

Tell Me About a Time You Failed?
As everyone else I would get frustrated and question myself if am following the right path…it was about applying for a new job, starting my business and even running my Instagram account. There will be always ups and downs but the most important thing to remember is always follow yout heart and believe in yourself. Usually during those times the destiny just leading you through those stages to make you even more stronger and successful.

Do you have any relationship at the moment?
I’m married to my soulmate and the best human-being on this Planet.
How do you want your future husband to be like?
I’m already united with HIM, God Bless!

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What are the situations that make you angry?
Probably when the things are not going according to the plan, when someone does not keep their word, when people around are not friendly and supportive.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
Happy wife, mother of blessed son and daughter, running my own business and enjoying everything I do in life, empowering my followers and people around, helping homeless animals and running a charity fund to support sick kids and orphans.

What do you think about people who lost our codes?
I think there will be time and life opportunity to reliase what they are doing wrong and definitley some life lessons to learn from. Not sure though if I’m getting this question right.
Are you ready to fight for a cause which one?
I’m ready to fight for truth, faith, animal and human rights.
For or against prostitution?
I believe if those type of women had another choice of living and some kind of society support and life education, probably such  “activity”  won’t even be promoted or exist.

Are you happy today?
Yes, absolutely.

What you can say to your followers?
I appreciate every follower I have as those people might be close to my life values and probably share my thoughts and beliefs. I’m also grateful for a change to be heard and spread good intensions through my following channel.

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