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Luz Palokaj: Believe in what you want to implement

My name is Luz Palokaj, I’m 26 years old and I live in the heart of beautiful Switzerland, in the wonderful city of Lucerne.

I was extremely creative from a young age and was already interested in the world of photography. It all started as a hobby. I soon realized that I not only enjoyed taking pictures in the area, but that I also look for that special moment in my free time. Whenever there was an opportunity to apply or develop the knowledge I already had, I immediately took the opportunity. Ambitious and skilful, I got to know the fascination of photography early on.

My photographs are snapshots, instants and memories. It has always fascinated me to develop and implement my own way of looking at things together with my customers and thus to create a very special image for each and every one of my customers. I am a photographer with extraordinary demands. As a photographer, I move in the areas of photography of people and fashion.

“A true picture is more important than a beautiful picture.” With this motto, I want to crystallize every personality as authentically as possible on a simple photo paper with my photographs. A picture must be as expressive as the personality depicted.

Describe yourself in three words…
Open-minded, ambitious and passionate

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Through my art I want to tell a story and reach as many people as I can no matter what they are going through – they should find comfort in my work. To know that through my work I can arouse positive emotions in different people and create a safe environment for them really fulfills me.

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What turns you off?
Negative people, who always find something bad to say and don’t see anything good in situations or people.

What is your favorite virtue?
My energy and positivity.

What Is Your Purpose in Life?
I’d like people to recognize my art right away. I want to create something so special and irreplaceable that everyone who has ever spoken to me or seen my work knows and remembers exactly the kind of work I love to do.

Are you ready to fight for a cause? Which one?
I’m very passionate about fighting sexual abuse, specially towards women. I grew up with a lot of great and strong women, who have taught me values that have shaped me as the man I am today. I want every woman in this world to be respected so they don’t need to fear for their futures and safety.

Why Are You Interested in This Role?
I always liked to browse through photo albums and revive old, almost forgotten moments. Not only pictures but also formative items, such as the bill from the first date with my fiancée. Such things have a high emotional value for me. These objects and my pictures are primarily memories, which I do not want to forget or even lose in my world.

Are the roles of a Photographer a “duty”?
I believe so. Photographers have the responsibility to create memories for the ones that are gone or for the moments we would like to keep forever close to our hearts. Without those lots of memories would get lost.

When did you decide to be a photographer and what defined your thinking at that precise moment?
Already in my early childhood I developed an enthusiasm for photography, even if at that time in a simpler form than today. I always wanted to record every family gathering or just take a photo of my friends.

What do you feel in the split second you decide to snap the photo? 
A mix of emotions but most importantly I feel inner peace and I fall in a complete relaxing mode. I just feel my entire self being the most calm and quite.

If you were curating an exhibition, which artists would you select?
Peter Lindbergh and Platon

Do you think the fashion industry is more or less cynical than when you started working?
There has been a lot of changes and I feel like it has become more bold but I wouldn’t describe it as more cynical.

How you get a picture from your imagination on paper/screen?
I make notes about everything I think about and then I find the most natural way to illustrate them. I try to build something that translates what I wanted to say and something that tells a story.

How the NFT will change the photography medium?

Someday everything will be digital. Every piece of art will be sold online – which I find sad and such a pity, as the emotional attachment will not be the same.

Is there a point where you will stop taking photos and look for a new medium to communicate your ideas?
Videography is also a great medium to communicate my ideas.

What advice would you give to a young photographer who follow Utopian?
Believe in what you want to implement. Try everything at the beginning and then find your purpose and the direction you would like to go.

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