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Majara Residence

Majara Residence

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Literary means “adventure”, these colorful-domed residences are located in south of Iran, in a beautiful red soil island called Hormuz.

Hormuz is a formerly glorious historic port in the strategic strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, South of Iran, that controls the shipment of petroleum from the Middle East. The island has outstanding colorful surreal landscapes.

This 10,300-square-metre housing is a part of Hormuz 2 project which has been caring out by ZAV Architects for developing tourism of the area in a sustainable way. This place offers a fabulous opportunity of co-existence of travelers and locals.

ZAV Architects 

Presence in Hormuz 2 housing also contains amenity domes such as staff rooms, café, resting rooms, storage, laundry, tourist info, salon and prayer room.

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The project is a multitude of small-scale domes built with the super adobe technique of Nader Khalili, the innovative and simple technique using earth and sand packed into bags. Domes are familiar structures in the region. Their small scale makes them compatible with the building capabilities of local craftsmen and unskilled workers, which have been prepared for this project with previous smaller projects. Today they are trained master super adobe masons, as if Nader Khalili multiplied exponentially.

ZAV Architects 
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