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Marketing & Communication 2020-2025… a new approach

Marketing & Communication 2020-2025… a new approach

@mauropolticchia, in charge as Vice Director & Professor (Communication Sciences Department Meier University Milan, Italy) is going to introducing and driving us through inspiring concrete concept: “Marketing & Communication are like a game of chess!”

It’s time! If is not enough clear, this five-year period will be recognized as a new begin, also from Communication and Marketing point of view.

The global situation that began at the beginning of 2020 was comparable to a huge earthquake, as consequence it’s needed and vital to reconsider a new approach to survive and chess game is the perfect one to understand how to move into a new condition.

Over the past three years, during my hundreds of speeches and teachings, I have proposed and shared this new logic.

This is the reason why, for example at the University (Meier University Milan) we decided to start a series of workshops, courses and masters with the aim of getting “a new version of thinking out of the box” with concrete ideas to implement in your daily life (and business) so as not to be unprepared for a possible new scenario.

The goal of any game of chess is to checkmate the other King… as the objective of a brand is to win in the market in competition between others.

In a game of chess, there are two adversaries… in the Business Daily the opponents are the competitors, the market, the time… it’s a new logic to need to understand. It’s not enough to make a right move (right product/service, in Business case) if the timing is wrong. Think about it!

The game of chess is a complex game, same as actual situation around the world where there’re thousand of variable dynamics.

The chess board represents the market. Each player has sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. Each type of pieces moves differently… and the key is the time.

The king is the brand. The queen is the most powerful piece, the strategic marketing director that should have a big picture, planning the different moves evaluating the possible scenarios and outcomes, and decides on the next steps / directions.

The knights, rooks and bishops represent the different marketing channels, each piece have own dynamic move to follow.

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The pawns represent the value proposition, communicated via the marketing and sales collateral. A great marketing director (and an astute gameplayer) realizes a well-played pawn (value proposition) can turn the tables.

Game of chess declined in daily business means:

  1. Staying ahead by a few steps to win the game
  2. Many potential paths to take but no hard and fast rules. Be dynamic!
  3. Be vigilant and adaptive
  4. Confuse your opponent – You can play and drive into people’s emotions for success
  5. Raise the bar by benchmarking with the best
  6. Decide to move in right time

And keep in mind: right move in wrong time… it’s wrong move!

Last but not least… move in silence only speak when It’s time to say CHECKMATE!


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