Meet Dafina Gjikolli, the digital artist from Pristina

Meet Dafina Gjikolli, the digital artist from Pristina

Dafina Gjikolli is a Pristina based, 22-year-old, digital artist and a freshly made creative music video director. Gjikolli grew up in Prishtina, Kosovo, a country in southeastern Europe, however that never stopped her from connecting with other creatives overseas. Her work has reached countries all over the world by collaborating with different fashion magazines from Europe expanding to the States, reaching even South Korea and other Asian countries.

Dafina Gjikolli is a visual artist who creates abstract and surrealistic art out of raw images, her work is a combination of digital art, photography and writing.

In this photo series Dafina is portrayed as a strong rebellious young woman, in her artwork reality clashes with the abstract coming each time with a different look.

Portraying a mixture of her personality both soft and wild.

This time we interviewed Dafina, to know more about her philosophical ideas and views on life.

What is your favorite virtue?
It can be seen as both a blessing and a curse but I always put myself in other people’s shoes. I try to see things from others’ perspective even when they don’t always do the same.

What Is Your Purpose in Life?
That’s a good question, I think that everyday I’m figuring out my purpose in life but definitely something I aspire is to give more meaning to art and help others around me.

You want to keep reinventing yourself?
I believe that that happens naturally to people who aren’t afraid of growth, eventually you realize that you no longer like the same things as you used to and your beliefs change, because people change.

Is society greater than the individual?
Society is the majority but it takes one individual to convince the rest; that change is revolutionary and that’s greater than anything else.

What is the meaning of a good life?
Living with a clear conscience!

When you go to sleep and you know that you’re not doing wrong by anyone and that every day you try to better yourself I think that’s when you’re living a good life.

Is it more important to be respected or liked?
Respected! I gave up being liked in middle school lol. I think that when you set boundaries for yourself you make it so others respect you. Being liked is overrated because you can never please everyone.

Have we become less happy in this age of technology?
Definitely, I think we’re more concerned about our social media profiles than about what’s inside.

Are humans obligated to better themselves and will that make them happier?
In today’s society, people aren’t obligated to anything that doesn’t break the law, even then people still don’t care. Us humans we’re complicated beings, when it comes to how we view ourselves; I think we’re never satisfied with who we are and what we’ve achieved. But I believe that gratitude can save mankind in some way. Not taking things for granted is the growth we need.

Is it easier to love or to be loved?
To be loved! But I think neither feels good when it’s not being reciprocated.

Is love simply physical desire or something more?
To me love is a connection, a bond and everything beyond that.

Why is beauty associated with morality?
It depends on what context. Personally, I don’t think you can be beautiful if you treat people poorly, when I’m referring to beauty, looks are excluded.

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world endless in the real world?
We pretend to, most people like to portray a different persona in the virtual world because for some that can feel like an escape from a reality they perhaps cannot change or refuse to. It’s like playing pretend.

While most people are empty inside, on social media they portray the contrary.

Is humanity doomed to head in a destructive direction?
I like to keep my faith in humanity, I personally choose to believe that there is still good in people and that people want to do good.

Your message for the utopian world?
Don’t be scared to go in a different direction, your world doesn’t have to be the same as theirs.

Team credits:
Starring: @dafinagjikolli
Photography: @jetonbylykbashi
Make-up & hair looks by: @gresarexha
Wearing: @arbenitasalihu
Dark red wig by @ajkune_professional
Retouch by @rronretouch
Artwork / Creative directing by Dafina Gjikolli