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Mmuseumm, New York

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Mmuseumm New York utopian Magazine
Photograph: Mmuseumm

Mmuseumm describes itself as a ‘modern natural history museum’. That means you won’t find crusty dinosaur exhibits and hominid skeletons here. Peer into this former elevator shaft, and instead you’ll find everyday objects, from an an Amazon Dash button for on-demand Doritos to transcripts of the last text messages people received from loved ones. It’s a strange, oddly moving collection of seemingly unrelated items which you can browse at literally any time of day.

Mmuseumm is a style of storytelling about the modern world. It is Object Journalism.

It is a new type of museum, expanding in a network of expected and unexpected locations, dedicated to exploring modern humanity and current events through revealing objects from around the world.

An institution for looking and thinking by What Studio?

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