Mulberry Adds Digital IDs Into Leather Items to Increase Circularity

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Mulberry’s CEO, Thierry Andretta, announced the introduction of Digital IDs to our leather items at the 2022 Global Fashion Summit, in a revolutionary project to transform the way luxury companies and customers connect, and to steward circularity in luxury fashion. Andretta was part of a panel that included Natasha Franck, CEO and Founder of EON Group, and was moderated by actor, model, sustainability activist, and UNECE representative Lily Cole to talk about Traceability and Transparency for Systemic Change.

Mulberry has committed to introducing Digital IDs to all products by 2025 as a member of the Sustainable Markets Initiative Fashion Task Force, beginning with the introduction of Digital IDs into all vintage Pre-Loved bags from Mulberry’s circular economy programme, the Mulberry Exchange, this Autumn.

Each bag will be connected to a Digital ID powered by EON, retail’s leading enterprise software Product Cloud platform. Mulberry’s Made to Last Manifesto commitment to transitioning the company to a regenerative and circular supply chain model will be supported by the digitalization. Customers will be able to better understand and follow the multiple lives of their products thanks to the use of Digital IDs, making the process even more transparent.

“We take great delight in designing products that are built to last, to be appreciated, and to be passed down to the next generation,” Andretta added. Mulberry can provide clients additional transparency into the unique journeys of our products with the Digital ID, as well as services like lifelong repair, buy-back, and resale, and ensuring that each bag can have several owners.

Image: Global Fashion Agenda

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