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Nick Shackelford @ GeekOut Nashville

Nick Shackelford / GeekOut is an organization that specializes in organizing events for high-level marketers who seek continual improvement for their respective crafts and want to widen their network at once.

GeekOut is big on delivering no holds barred tell-alls from successful industry bigwigs who’ve managed to propel their companies or brands to the next level. By inviting only the smartest and the most well-respected individuals in their respective areas of expertise, they let the attendees have an exclusive look at what makes them and their businesses tick.

GeekOut is all about transparency—always seeking to answer the hows and whys of key business tactics, in order for its community of active learners to soak as much nuggets of knowledge as possible.


It’s about getting the most savage strategies handed to you on a silver platter by the brightest minds in ecom. We’re talking media buyers, brand founders, marketers, copywriters… they’re all here. We’ll go deep on ecom strategies during the day, and live the way we were meant to at night. We will learn. We will chill. We will party while we figure out how to make more sales (& money).

GEEK OUT Nashville

Nick Shackelford :

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

You have a direct obligation to progress those below and alongside you.

Watching those from around the world – literally – share what they are doing, what they are thinking, good and bad.”

That’s only one side of it though.

Watching someone create a piece of their brain to be shared. How they organize their thoughts, how they structure their theories and deliver anecdote that sticks.

This is my favorite part of GeekOut Events

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