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NUXUI by Nic Hamilton

Nuxui by Nic Hamilton is a generative series that examines the passage of time—from simple 3D fragments to abandoned infrastructures.

Originally trained as an architect, the Melbourne-based image maker having worked prolifically in graphic design. Hamilton’s visuals evoke deep textures, temperatures, and most evidently, the passage of time. Of course, artists spanning photography and sculpture have scrutinized the element’s corrosive effects on structures, cliffsides, and more.

“I always have a back catalog of ideas I’m working on: a hard drive full of half-finished rubbish, the same way people who make stuff creatively have a backlog of ideas. At some point you’ll sit down at night and have a glass of vodka, and be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to open up that file.’ Then you get in the zone and twelve hours later, you’re like, ‘This is cool, I’ve got something here,’ and then when you wake up next morning, you’re like, ‘I’ve got to get back to it.’ That’s when you know that it’s worth pursuing, which is what happened with Nuxui: it was actually a spinoff from a record cover I did.” — Nic Hamilton in conversation with Zora

Nuxui is a series of 333 unique generative and hand-finished digital artworks by Nic Hamilton. Each piece is a composition of 3D fragments and layers, cast in a spectrum of materiality, tone and light, describing states of growth, change and decay.

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