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Ozlem Arman, born on 1 September 1989 in Turkey. Graduted from Business Administration and have master degree of Banking and Finance. I’ve been living in Albania since 2012. Currently, I am a financer in an Energy company and owner & instructor in Core Pilates Tirana.

Are you ready to answer any questions or you gonna hide your life? 
Tirana is too small; our lives are public so ready to answer questions 🙂 

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? 
Desire of success! 

What turns you off? 
When I see someone around me who is not willing to create something or be productive, I am losing motivation. For me Less talk, take action! 

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What is your favorite virtue? 
Ethics / morality; especially in business life. 

What do you think about Instagram?
It’s like a joyful & strategic board game. If you play well, you will get the prize, if you try to cheat, you’ll be disqualified. Just try to enjoy.

Virtual or reality? 
Well, I am a bit old fashion generation 🙂 who reads printed books. I want to touch, feel the paper. On the other hand, Virtual meetings are perfect for time saving but I love to share energy with others physically so definitely reality! 

Confess something which, if you reveal would hurt someone? 
I have a secret as an instructor which I keep in my heart; Ladies you won’t get your dream body easily 🙂 stop dreaming, work harder! 

What do you do for a living? 
I believe in being student forever, in this way I am always ready to learn, work harder and I keep my energy up. This is the only way to live this life! 

Would you go to a nude beach? 
I respect those people but being naked in front of other people? No thank you 🙂 

Tell Me About a Time You Failed?
I never failed, cause even if it looks like a fail, I see that as a lesson which I have to learn. 

Tell Me About Yourself?
34 years old, dedicated, passionate and handworker pilates instructor & financer. Mom of 2, since 2012 has been living in Tirana, as a Turkish woman founder of first pilates studio in Albania and the only representative of one of the top International Pilates community / BASI Pilates as a host studio owner. Traveler, nature lover, interested in astrology, reiki   practitioner, addicted of workouts, obsessed about black color, gin lover, part time restaurant and bar owner. 

What are the situations that make you angry? 
3 words; discrimination, humiliation and egoism! Life is too simple and since we are just a piece of sand in this universe, it is unnecessary to have such a huge ego. The world is “our home” and with all colors we are united, so calm down and just try to accept everyone as how they are, who they are. Lastly, who the hell are you and you are trying to humiliate another person?! Everyone is unique and special, just chill and live your own life! 

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? 
2028; This is Ozlem; I dominated the market with my limitless vision, I travelled to different spots all around the world. Finally, I have my own active clothes brand and still I enjoy the life freely! 

What do you think about people who lost our codes?
Since We cannot be on the road without roadmap, people should be under control of codes to live in order and peace. 

Are you ready to fight for a cause which one? 
Definitely “Woman’s rights “! In this world, woman creates life but unfortunately especially in specific countries we don’t have the rights! Turkey is one of those countries. And I’ll fight for woman’s rights forever until women walk on the streets freely, have equal opportunities in business life, raise their voices against violence without fear! 

Are you happy today? 
Another day and I woke up, deeply inhaled and exhaled , felt the sun on my face so there is no reason to be unhappy 

 What you can say to your followers? 
I am here to inspire you; get inspired or criticize because those critiques will help me to do better and better! 

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