National Review on Trump in 2024: ‘No’

The editorial board of The National Review is rejecting former President Trump as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. “A bruised Donald Trump announced a new presidential bid on Tuesday night, an invitation to double down on the

FBI raid homes of man with Area 51 website

A Nevada man who operates a website focusing on the remote formerly top-secret U.S. military base Area 51 — long an object of UFO and space alien lore — said Thursday that military and

Luz Palokaj: Believe in what you want to implement

My name is Luz Palokaj, I’m 26 years old and I live in the heart of beautiful Switzerland, in the wonderful city of Lucerne. I was extremely creative from a young age and was already interested in the world of photography. It all started as a hobby. I soon realized that I not only enjoyed taking pictures in the area,


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About us

Utopian Magazine is an magazine focused on the intersection of Art Politics and Urban Culture.

With contributors from every continent and at every stage of their careers, we are the “city” for singular voices, incisive ideas, and critical questions.

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