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Paris Fashion Week: Contra Corriente

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Paris Fashion Week: Contra Corriente Utopian Magazine
Utopia Magazine continues to bring you the latest news from Paris Fashion Week.

Some fresh blood has been injected into this Paris Fashion Week. In addition to the main calendar of Paris Fashion Week, many designers from all over the world choose to present their latest collections in Paris during this period.

Contra Corriente is a Mexican brand that has been on the market for two years. It was also the first brand to be brought to Paris Fashion Week by a Mexican female designer. All its pieces are 100% organic textiles made only from cotton, where it takes care of the manufacturing process to go hand in hand with the brand’s ideology.

‣ How did you get started upcycling? What were your main motivations? 

Contra Corriente takes great care in the process of each of its pieces. From the beginning, we reuse the scraps when creating new models, such as the small pieces of fabric that remain. We use them to make hair ties and larger pieces for tote bags.

Our biggest motivation is that people can start to value more the brands that are hand in hand with sustainability, that they realize that we only have one planet earth and that we have to take care of it, and that not only that but that fashion is one of the things that pollutes the most and that we have to think twice when it comes to buying our clothes to leave our positive mark on the planet.

‣ How do your Mexican roots inspire you?

Contra Corriente involves textiles and raw materials only from Mexico. The workforce is also from Mexican hands that are also organic textiles that the country offers us. The colours and textures that our ecosystem gives us within Mexico are also embodied in one of the designs.

‣ Let’s talk a bit about the process of production. How are the garments of Contra Corriente made? 

Once the design is defined, we buy only the material that is needed for its production, it is a 100% cotton textile, so it is first left extended for days to be able to cut it after we have the pieces cut from the raw material; we unite them, and there it goes through the shrinking process, it does not go through that process before because as it involves water, we do not want to dye the parts that do not require it. Once the piece is ready, it is labelled and finished.

‣ What have you been most surprised to learn through running Contra Corriente?

Dreams can come true when you do everything with love.

You have to be loyal to your values and manage everything in the welfare for planet earth.

‣ Just as everyone has a pair of uncomfortable but stunning shoes, most women would also have a beautiful but impractical outfit. What do you think of this fashion consumption attitude?

Little by little, people have to realize that the pieces made in a sustainable way and of good quality are worth more than anything else in the world. Still, it is up to us designers worldwide to continue creating ecological pieces and make them understand that the world and consumerism have to change.

‣ What do you wish consumers knew about the fashion industry? 

The clothes don’t disappear when we throw them out of our wardrobe, it will spend hundreds of years in landfills and that we pollute our planet day by day! The process of fashion also damages our ecosystem and that it must stop in order to continue living in the world that until now we call our home.

‣ Transparency in the production process is an inevitable topic in sustainable fashion. What’s Contra Corriente’s next step to do with transparency?

We always share the processes, tips and information about sustainable measurement in our networks, especially on Instagram.

‣ Where can we discover more about Contra Corriente?

You can follow us through instagram, where you can find us as @contracorriente.mexico

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