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We were immediately excited when we saw that one of the best favorite photographers of all time, Platon is doing an NFT drop Sunday, June 6 at 7pm Central Time.

Platon is presenting his first series of I love you, I hate you. Described as a historic and monumental collection featuring the magnified Iris portraits, belonging to an array of the world’s most well known figures. This exhibition will include 12, individual iris NFTs picked from experiences over the last 30 years of Platon’s photography career. Each of these NF T’s will deconstruct a portrait, removing 97% of the negative information, and deleting every aspect of any facial characteristics collectors will only be left with curiosity and the inability to judge who they are in front of you, could be some of the infamous world leaders, including Putin. They could be social activists,  social media moguls, leaders, or villains, but each iris will be split into 12 frames.

Each edition of these NF T’s will be sold for $111. The auction will be an open edition for 12 minutes and 12 collectors will be randomly chosen to receive a physical photo from Platon himself. The identities will be revealed but for each of the NFT owners.

Platon, based out of New York City is one of the world’s most renowned photographers, he’s photographed most of the world leaders, including over six American presidents, and many of the infamous leaders as stated above, he’s published books and talked about freedom and war and passion and sadness and joy, and everything in between. His art is truly remarkable. And today, his photographs are seen worldwide.

lgnd.art describes themselves as a platform built by artists for artists, they’ve created an ecosystem that enables dynamic interaction, and allows collectors to trade, high end collectibles, along with curated roster of best in class artists. That is describe their mission, with the goal of empowering creators around the world to secure their legacy reach larger, larger audiences, and build future through eco conscious blockchain technology.

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