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U.S. win wars

Why doesn’t the U.S. win wars anymore?

Paradoxically, we lose wars because the world is peaceful and the U.S. is powerful. The…

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Andi Bajgora for Utopian Magazine

Andi Bajgora is an actor, from Kosovo known for Rrushe (2021), A Dream (2017) and The Hill Where Lionesses Roar (2021).…

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Leonora Basha Utopian Magazine

Leonora Basha: Miracles dwell in the invisible, do not lose hope.

Leonora Basha, a fashion designer from Ulcinj, Montenegro. Graduated from the Academy of Arts “Evolution” in Prishtina…

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NEFFA Utopian Magazine

Future of Living Materials | Prototype development

The Future of Living Materials investigates and develops new ‘living’ materials (eg bio-based materials, textiles from…

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WIFF 2021 - The Albanian Virgin

Anita Elsani: THE ALBANIAN VIRGIN is the most personal film I have produced.

Albania 1958: A boy and girl grow up together in the same village. They are…

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Indie Sleaze

Indie Sleaze expulsive interview

How the mid-noughties trend of indie sleaze is set for a return, with the likes…

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