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Printemps inaugurated 7e Ciel, a new space dedicated to eco-responsible fashion

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Printemps, the Parisian department store, on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 unveiled a new floor dedicated to sustainable fashion with a selection of second-hand clothing, a 1,300sqm area called “7e Ciel”. The place is divided into two spaces are the Binet dome and Le Post d’Argento, with a 360º view of Paris.

In the space directly located under the Binet dome, 9 start-ups will alternate every 2-3 months, while in the one called Le Pont d’Argent, a selection of designer pieces, some rare, most unearthed by industry guru, Marie Blanchet, a recognized expert in the industry. This space is highlighted by the works of artists Charles Kaisin and Jordane Saget.

The store also inaugurates the Unis vers le beau responsable label for the occasion, dedicated to brands (400 currently) meeting 22 virtuous criteria (which embrace the production system, sourcing, or logistics). The first protagonist of this new initiative is Chloé: the brand created its first eco-designed shop in the atrium, with vintage furniture and low environmental impact materials worked by local artisans.

With this new offer for Printemps, the management aims to attract a younger clientele for whom the consumption of vintage and second-hand is more frequent.

Printemps Haussmann
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