René Barchi, Researcher of the history of the Second World War. Opinion on the situation in Ukraine.

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René Barchi Utopian Magazine

“Friends, I suggest you watch a very interesting video by a Frenchman, World War II historian René Barchi about Russophobia and total censorship in Europe now. Video recorded on March 17, 2022.

René Barchi is a great friend of Russia and Belarus. Researcher of the history of the Second World War. Or rather, the exploits of Russian / Belarusian / Soviet citizens on the territory of France as part of the Resistance or individual partisan detachments.

It was he who “unearthed” in 2013 the unknown history of a unique partisan detachment of Soviet women who escaped from a concentration camp in France and formed a women’s detachment that successfully fought in Lorraine. He is also one of the main experts on the history of the Normandie-Niemen. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the formation of the squadron.

It must be added that he himself is the son of anti-fascists.”

Written by Oleg Blokhin

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