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Ridiculous do not kill!

For decades I have been trying to fight so that the east and west of Europe are reunited as we are brothers and sisters. Rather than reuniting with West-West Europe, it has preferred massive immigration from Africa that has caused enormous problems.

It is true that I am fighting a world because Europe of the East because of communism and personal education have forgotten the source of our pagan traditions. It cannot be pretended that some believe that they know everything as a symbol of the famous emblem of the word otherwise spoken in the millennial language Norront ginfaxi means courage in war and you can also notice it on the site of Apollonia where this symbol is sculpted in the stones that adorn the temples. As you look, we are far from education, from the lies you have shown to date. Then you will tell me why these signs and symbols in the collective subconscious represent exactly those symbols that unite your beliefs and point out to you forgotten concepts since psychoanalysis is explained as a form of manipulation or what Diogenes calls the circle of syllogizes, philosophy still very fashionable even nowadays. Context: “Boris is bad” or “Boris is a Slavic” so “all Slavs are bad”.

Before all the nations, and especially after the communism, my family has been persecuted by having a lawful right over the earth because the land belongs to the one who invades it first under the constitutional articles. Of course, this does not fit anyone because it means the return of empires in the earlier time, well before the empires before the treaty of Westphalia: the German Holy Empire or what they call Reich.

It should be noted that the problem began with Prince Rudolf, who was not strong enough in the face of his father, Franz Joseph, to reach the horizon and this afflicted the empire in the 14′-18th war that, as a result of the treaty Versailles of 1919 this insignificant treaty who kneeled down all states by identifying the most economic crisis of 1929 and of course the 39′-45 war, this caused the dictator as a stallion to cut into eastern Europe, helped by other dictators eager to take power.

I do not want power or money I just want to do my job, bring stability to the Eastern Europe and turn this part of Europe to the strongest country in the world. The Balkans must be a federal state where everyone should have the language, tradition, identity and culture, and you can read it in my book. I believe you have humanity and divine spirituality.

I want to bring in Albania enough money and investments so that Albanians do not leave the country and seek political exile, so that the police are proud and well paid and the strong and consolidated army to create a safe place where investors can welcome. I want to help the president and prime minister develop a new constitution in line with Europe and new treaties.

You have to know that Albania cannot get in Europe as visas are returning from some Western European countries to create security against the United Nations, against the new looting structure and certainly the United States Force.

Albania’s constitution needs to be improved to bring about development. My grandpa always told me that when new technologies are invented such as investment funds and high tech, laws and regulations come later in order for new economies to find a coherent place in the current and future markets of the countries concerned. Today and for a long time, politics is no longer a law in the market but it is finance between the World Bank and the IMF. You have to understand that big financial banks as well as large industrial investing groups will not make any investments if the policy is not up to the expectations to meet the expectations of the respective groups.

My proposal is to create Alexander’s principality first as a cultural aspect in the homage of the national hero Scanderbeg as well as I admit you as my personal legacy that comes from my ancestor Karl Anzhu.

Secondly, I propose a financial and political strategy like that of Monaco, Dubai etc., which are places

With borderless borders at the same time without borders, such as France and Monaco or the United Arab Emirates, which allow investment through a free zone to bring wealth and economic development.

Thirdly, I propose an extraordinary diplomatic policy for the Balkan region and for the Eastern European countries to gather and concretize free trade agreements and to develop a strong community with a strong federalist structure as the United States already has.

I work with a wide range of people from the United Nations, bankers, businessmen, and European politicians and parliamentarians and they are interested in investing in this project. We have received warm support from some countries and many leaders are ready to support through NGOs the development of an organic ecological system that will enable farmers to discover through a new platform we will put with engineers from Seattle and all over the world to optimize their sales of their ancestors. For those who do not know Seattle is the cradle of high technology and greater technological structure like the IP Internet protocol created by the US military. It is true that my dream, together with my friends who come from finance and technological developments, to devote this wealth to the people, can tell you that I have worked with the scientist even with Mark Elliot Zuckerberg who today support this project and can give you one a list of names that would only increase your appetite.

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Before I close this article, I want to say something important, it is untenable that children work in Albania and this is forbidden by the conditions of the United Nations and Europe. Child labor is unlawful, organized groups using children for begging and selling on the street is severely punished by The Hague Criminal Court.

And secondly, Albania does not even have a chance to enter Europe or to be called a developing country for as long as Albania will continue to be a European magazine accepting radioactive waste in front of large industrial groups that mock and introduce these remains on their land. You can read this in all the newspapers and magazines of the European Union as news.

It is necessary to define any structure that wants to be placed in Albania without compromise, the economic monetary system needs to be renewed in order to have a dynamic economy by giving the country the best, the means to achieve.

You Albanians are a great people and never forget, do not be overwhelmed by the demands of you down, but fight!

You deserve to live well because your jokes show your joy, your generosity, and your love for your country.

So for this I say goodbye and you must know that I will always be on your side.

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