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“Siempre al 10” Argentinians celebrate ‘eternal love’ for Maradona with tattoos

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Fans of the footballing legend, who died last month at the age of 60, show the tributes they carry with them.

Under his shirt, pizza shop owner Guillermo Rodriguez is a walking shrine to Diego Maradona. His entire back is covered in tattoos depicting the soccer great, whose death last month at the age of 60 inspired enormous grief in Argentina and beyond.

Argentina declared several days of national mourning and his body lay in state at the presidential palace.

“It is something beautiful to live with him, so for us he did not die; he will continue being there for all of us. The love we have is eternal,” says Rodriguez, whose pizza store is called “Siempre al 10”, referring to the number of Maradona’s jersey.

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The death of Maradona has highlighted the almost cult-like adoration that grew up around the player nicknamed “el dios” (the god), who mesmerised on the pitch and inspired fans off it despite long, public battles with addiction.

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