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SINFULSEL discovering the unknown

SINFULSEL discovering the unknown

Are you ready to answer any questions or you gonna hide your life?
We are living in a temporary world. No need to hide anything, especially for this project. I’m ready.

What is your real name?

What is your age?

What is your actual height and weight?
170cm & 61kg.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Listening Underground Techno makes me creative. It also touches my spiritual side, both sexually and emotionally. Besides, Yoga helps improve my mental health.

What turns you off?
Negative people, bad music and stupid people who believe that they can do everything with money.

How often do you exercise? Do you have a favorite body part to train?
Fitness has a big role in my life. Usually I go 3-4 times a week. I train all of my body, but mostly I do squats.

What is your favorite virtue?
It’s hard to say favorite, but I can say honesty.

What do you think about Instagram?
I have a love – hate relationship with Instagram. It makes me happy when I express myself there, but when it takes my time too much I start hating and start spending my time less for it. People who compare themselves too much with others must stay away from that app. If you are having fun and spend your time wisely, it’s fun.

Virtual or reality?

Confess something which, if you reveal would hurt someone?
It’s not actually a confess, but I had some stupid friends years ago. Boyfriends, close friends. They were people I know from teenage years and I kept seeing them without focusing on their low behaviors. When I realize their bad trips about life, I just kicked them out of my life and started to have cooler and more intelligent people around me.

What do you do for a living?
As I said before, I like Underground Techno music and its culture. I’m working for an organization & label company which brings famous artists and cool audience all together. You can call it a “Booking Manager”. It was my hobby but turned into professional thing. In addition, I also do freelance modeling.

Have you ever found someone attractive who you knew was actually ugly?
Things can seem better when you drink too much. So unfortunately it happened to me, yes.

Beer or wine?

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Would you go to a nude beach?
I respect the freedom vibe on nude beaches, but for me at least wearing a thong and walk around topless on the random beach sounds more aesthetic and fun. That’s maybe I like wearing my bikini bottoms.

Do you have any relationship at the moment?

We saw some satanic symbols on your Instagram page. What are they for?
Sometimes I behave anarchist against the social order. It’s hard to find justice and logic in this world and those symbols represent the rebellious part of my soul.

How do you want your future husband to be like?
If I marry with a man, we need to know each other from all aspects. Then trust and respect is the other issue. If you trust a man and know each other well, you can catch the balance which is very important for healthy love and relationship.

What are the situations that make you angry?
Angry is a human emotion. Usually, I get angry when a person (who I care about) is promising something and cheating me. The person has to speak out the truth and the things clearly whatever problem it is. If they are telling the thing I will not get angry. On the other hand, when things don’t go according to the day planned, unfortunately I can get angry.

What you can say to your followers?
Sometimes I post things about my work and sometimes I stay away from Instagram and don’t post things because I take time for myself. I would like to thank you for who follow me despite all these and who come and say hello when they see me outside.

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