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Something Strange Is Happening With the 100 Dollar-Bill (Videos)

Something Strange Is Happening With the 100 Dollar-Bill (Videos)

The [CB] economy continues to deteriorate, the statistical numbers look great, Trump is using the [CB][DS] weapon against them.

The entire [CB] is collapsing at a record pace, it has been for a long time,

#Trump and the #Patriots are working quickly to get everything ready for the transition into the #newEconomy.

The 100 dollar bill was created by the Patriots, one side is the Federal Reserve Note and the Other Is The US treasury and it is printed in gold.

Trump will sign an EO to force colleges to allow free speech.

The [DS] are now moving from Russian Collusion to attacking Trump personally. The [DS] will use the media to help get the public on board.

Trump tweets about NK, he never discussed war game or drills, he stopped this a long time ago.

Q drops more bread, the stage is now set, the [DS] is using all its ammunition and this was on purpose. The Trump card is about to be played.

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Whitaker is leaving the DOJ. The indictments are ready to be unsealed, arrest are next. The countdown continues.

Something Strange Is Happening With The 100 Bill, Gold Brings Down The Fed

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