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Space last frontier… Where No… Wine… Has Gone Before!

Space last frontier… Where No… Wine… Has Gone Before!

Mauro Polticchia, International Sommelier (Napa Valley Wine Expert, Culture&Business French Wines Certified, International Bordeaux Wine Educator, French Wine Scholar Certification, Italian Sommelier)… Galactic Cheers!

12 bottles of wine and 320 grapevines are headed back on middle january to Earth after months (14 and 10 months respectively) aboard the International Space Station! Incredible project… but it’s true!

The research, known as “Mission Wise” (the first comprehensive, privately led applied research program leveraging microgravity to tackle tomorrow’s agriculture challenge coming from Space Cargo Unlimited and Mercier Group), is exploring how to develop “new ways of growing plants on the Earth and scale up to feed more people on the planet.”

The grapevines will be analyzed to see how they have changed during their time in space, where the effects of microgravity and a higher radiation exposure than on Earth accelerate genetic changes. The Bordeaux bottles wines will be also taste in France to verify which kind of impact there’s on wine ageing.

Researchers believe that vines and wine are “ideal study materials” to assess the future of agriculture as climate impact continues to change growing conditions on our planet… and space is perfect to understand it.

This is really a new frontier for universe of wine and I believe there will be only few brilliant minds that will understanding real potential about it declined on business.

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Welcome back Space Wine and Galactic Cheers!

Mauro Polticchia

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