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Born in France with Portuguese heritage Steven Passaro founded his eponymous label in 2019 after graduating from London College of Fashion with a MA in fashion design technology with distinction. Before he studied Set Design at Duperré in Paris and he had a first experience at Maison Christian Dior in Paris. Steven Passaro showcased his first collection during Men’s London Fashion week in January 2019. His creations incorporates genderless codes through architectural pieces characterized by a Parisian couture spirit mixed with the traditional tailoring techniques. The brand is a modern and sustainable fashion highlighted by its cutting-edge 3D design techniques.

We Feel Things They’ll Never Feel: it is from this solitary phrase spotted on the London Tube that Steven Passaro names his latest Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 collection. Intended as an ode to hypersensitivity, it is born with a deep sense of time and dreams of self expression. 

Drawing from his initial concepts, Passaro reaffirms the themes that define the identity of his signature tailoring, unfurled in a panoply of layers, folds and asymmetries. Masculinity is clearly  meant as sensitive, and is revealed on the cuff of a shirt as well as in the corner of an eye. Time – and the need for time – is worn here on the body like a protective talisman, with garments designed with patience in mind, from their optimised conception in digital pattern cutting and 3D sampling to a renewed attention to detail.

As a result of constant research and mentoring, the suit is adorned with haute couture techniques: bag pockets, hand-stitched interlining, or collars finished by hand using a herringbone stitch. The noble fabrics of tailoring are joined by denim, found in two sets of jeans, and leather, which is now worked fully on a raglan jacket. Trench coats, shirts and trousers are reinvented in beige, fir green or Prince of Wales wools, cotton and silk, contrasted by the spectacular red of a long cape.

Artificial intelligence completes this thorough craftsmanship, with technological innovation stretching to communication. Indeed, five 3D digital silhouettes are included exclusively in the collection : one will find the iconic trench coat revisited, a navy peacoat or an ascot collar shirt, completed by various trousers. All available for sale as NFT.

We Feel Things They’ll Never Feel is shaped as a truthful and personal message that invites us to feel, see, touch and think the garment, and to let it take us to full self-awareness. This dare prevails, as Steven Passaro’s collection unveils itself for the first time within the iconic sphere of Paris Fashion Week.

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